01 dec 2013 – addicted to you


addicted to running more like, why else would I get up early on a Sunday morning, with the specific aim of trying to break through the one hour barrier for a 10km run?

in all honesty, I completely forgot about this blog afterwards, and spent the day resting, chatting and not really thinking too much LOL.

Here’s what I posted on Facebook afterwards:

“What a wonderful way to start a Sunday. A short drive to a gorgeous section of the swan river, an attempt at breaking the 60 minute barrier for a 10km run, and a coffee and fruit salad in the company of a few fellow Rogues.

Here’s a few piccies. Oh and my time? 58:46.8 – get in!”

“OK, stats now uploaded – the 6:48 for the 5th km is an anomaly caused by GPS signal weirdness as I crossed the river underneath the road bridge.

Pretty happy with the splits, I didn’t try to hold back too much at the start, I figured I’d just go for it, see what speed I had, and then reign it in a little as necessary.

Strong finish again, was wheezing at the end, so the lungs had a good workout 🙂



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