01 May 2012: The End

Love this song…


Time to bed (previous night): 23:00
Time got up (today): 03:00
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 4


03:00 – Multigrain cracker with vegemite, glass water. Watched football (United v City)
05:30 – Gym (see below)
07:30 – Fried egg, slice of toast and mushrooms. Orange juice
10:30 – Long mac, cake
12:30 – Walk home from Dome
13:00 – Meatball sandwich


5 mins warm-up bike – 2.361km
500m row – 1m 59s

Leg press 20, 15, 10 – level 20 x 3
Chest press 20, 15, 10 – level 14 x 3
Assisted chin-ups 10, 10, 10 – 55kg (offset) x 3
Seated row 20, 15, 10 – 55kg x 3

10 x triceps rope (50kg), 10 x bicep curl (30kg), 10 x shoulder press (30kg)
10 x triceps rope (50kg), 10 x bicep curl (30kg), 10 x shoulder press (30kg)
10 x triceps rope (50kg), 10 x bicep curl (30kg), 10 x shoulder press (30kg)

20 x crunches, 20 x ab twists, 20 x bicycle legs
15 x crunches, 15 x ab twists, 15 x bicycle legs
10 x crunches, 10 x ab twists, 10 x bicycle legs

Leisurely row for 30 minutes – 5.326km



I am working from home today, so won’t be walking up and down stairs etc. So I decided to walk for half an hour at the end of the session. At some point I changed my mind and decided to see if I could row (gently) for 30 minutes instead. The bum was a bit numb come the end, but I managed to stick with it for 30 minutes and rowed just over 5km. Quietly impressed with that.

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