02 dec 2013 – chasing cars


a bit of a later start for me – an extra hour or so in bed was much needed after yesterday’s efforts. talking of which, i am pleased to report that the only side effect appears to be tiredness, but no soreness. maybe that means I didn’t push hard enough lol.

I’m just quickly updating this blog after failing to find time all day, so this will just be a quick summary!


my fitness pal log – http://www.myfitnesspal.com/exercise/diary/nmmfg?date=2013-12-02

recovery run

started the day with a nice 5km-ish recovery run.

There were GPS shenanigans again though – I started from the same place I finished – NOT a kilometer away like the map shows!

Funny though – I do know that the route I took would have been 5km, possibly a fraction over. So the total distance shown isn’t that far out. Weird!

Interestingly, RunKeeper “corrects” the distance to almost 8km!



push-ups & core

100 push-ups challenge, week 4, day 1, column 3


35 x crunches x 5
35 x bicycle legs x 5
2 minute plank x 2


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