04 Sep 2012: Born on a Different Cloud


Another damp session at the gym – maybe that’s how weight loss works – maybe fat melts and becomes sweat lol.

The rowing was fantastic, putting in a couple of personal best times for 2km and 1km. I lost it on the 500m though – was averaging around 1:28 per 500m for the first 200m, slowed down at 250m and finally lost all puff and energy at about 350m. I limped home for the last 100m, with a final time of 1:43

The walk/jog times were down slightly, but that wasn’t surprising given the excellent times on the rowing!


Time got up (today): 03:45
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 4


04:30 – 1 lite jatz cracker, glass water
04:45 – Gym (see details below)
07:00 – Bowl of granola and skim milk. Orange juice
10:50 – Lemon grass & ginger tea, 1 quarter of a low fat savoury muffin
12: 30 – Hot chocolate – no sugar
14:30 – 1.2km walk
15:00 – Chicken and sweetcorn soup, 2 slices bread.
19:00 – Chicken biryani
21:00 – Milk, bed


5 mins bike warmup

Row 2km – 7:21

Treadmill jog/walk 3km (500/500) – 26:47

Row 1km – 3:33

Treadmill jog/walk 3km (500/500) – 25:54

Row 500m – 1:43

Treadmill jog/walk 3km (500/500) – 26:05


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