06 Apr 2012: Rolling In The Deep

Superb singing voice – the tune is in my head for some reason…


Time to bed (previous night): 22:15
Time got up (today): 06:15
Daily water intake: 1800ml
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4
Lunch 4
Night 4


06:15 – Piece of totast with vegemite, glass of water
06:30 – Gym (see details below)
08:00 – French toast (eggy bread). Glass orange juice
10:00 – Walk to park with Kian and Marble
11:00 – Sliced banana, sticky date yoghurt, all-bran toppers and almonds
12:30 – 2 Boiled Eggs, hot cross bun
18:00 – Basa (fish) and jacket potato
19:00 – 6.5km bike ride – 27 mins
22:00 – few social snacks
23:00 – 6.5km bike ride – 26 mins


5 minutes bike warm-up – 2.2km

1000m row – 4m 17s
Recover and stretch

With following – resting 30-60 seconds between each (e.g. row 500m, rest, row 500m)

2 x 500m row – 1m 58s and 1m 54s
Recover and stretch

3 x 400m row – 1m 31s, 1m 28s and 1m 25s
Recover and stretch

4 x 300m row – 1m 03s, 1m 03s, 1m 03s and 1m 03s
Recover and stretch

3 x 200m row – 37s, 41s and 39s
Recover and stretch


Another great session – sweaty as anything!

Rowing machine starting to annoy me – especially on the 200m row. As I put more effort in and row faster (trying to break the 34s time) the rowing machine moves. 

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