06 Aug 2012: Gone


OK, so back to Monday being “day 1”, and nicely recovered from the stupidity of Friday (the 3 hour killer gym session at 3am followed by a full day of work). Schedule change tried and found to be wanting 🙂

Woke up this morning more or less raring to go and had a great session. Weight was slightly up on last week, but that was after a week of gastro, and I have now had a week of eating normally. Overall it’s great as my weight has only “recovered” slightly, leaving me below 120kg and over half way towards the target of “under 100kg”.

Signs of progress (weight-wise) can be seen elsewhere – my 102cm waist jeans and trousers are now a little loose around the waist. I have a pair of 97cm waist jeans waiting to go – I can put them on and do them up, but they are a little snug at this stage. I am definitely “between sizes”.

I can’t wait for those 97cm jeans to fit well – that will be the first time in a very very long time that I’ve worn jeans or trousers with a waist under 40 inches. It’s tantalisingly close!


Time to bed (previous night): 11:30pm
Time got up (today): 05:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 4
Night 4
Weight: 119.9kg (shoes on)


05:30 – 1 multigrain cracker, glass of water
06:00 – Gym (see details below)
08:30 – Bowl porridge. Orange juice
11:00 – Cup of tea, 1 digestive biscuit
13:00 – Chicken and fish pieces, sauteed potatoes
17:00 – Pre-dinner nibbles (cheese, olives, dips, crackers)
18:30 – Family dinner. Chicken & lettuce mini pittas. Mediterranean Fish Stew. Strawberry cheesecake.
23:00 – Water. Bed


5 minutes warm-up bike

5km Row – 21m 48s

20 x Leg Press (level 15), 20 x Chest Press (level 10)

20 x Leg Press (level 15), 20 x Chest Press (level 10)

20 x Leg Press (level 15), 20 x Chest Press (level 10)

20 x Push-ups, 20 Squats

20 x Push-ups, 20 Squats

20 x Push-ups, 20 Squats

20 x Crunches

Plank Hold – 1m 02s

20 x Ab Twists

Plank Hold – 1m 02s

40 x bicycle legs

Plank Hold – 32s


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