07 Sep 2012: Earth Song


Today’s mission was to do the 10km jog and 10km spin bike – a different two thirds of Britt’s “triathlon challenge”. This took on even more purpose having read yesterday, that the Fremantle Fun Run is on next weekend (Sep 16th). There is a choice of 5km and 10km so I wanted to see how the 10km went this morning before deciding which way to go…

I can honestly say that I’m fairly comfortable with the idea of doing the 5km run – so I’m opting for getting out of the comfort zone and registering to do the 10km…


Time got up (today): 03:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 5


03:30 – 1 lite jatz cracker, glass water
03:45 – Gym (see below)
06:00 – Porridge. Orange juice
06:50 – Bus, meditate, nap
07:45 – Lemongrass & ginger tea, muffin
10:00 – Banana
12:00 – Fettucini Boscaiola – pasta, bacon, mushrooms
15:30 – Few nuts, banana, lemongrass and ginger tea
18:30 – Mushrooms topped with grated sweet potato, grated zucchini and polenta. Broccolini, Potatoes.
21:00 – Glass milk, bed


10km jog – 1:28:50

10km bike – 28:00 (approx, forgot to write the time down at the gym – doh!)



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