Feb 08 2012: Hump Day Gym Day

Woke up just before 4am – was surprised as I’d gone to bed about 11 last night. Worst thing about today was the sad look on Marble’s face as I headed off to the gym without her. She did get a shorter walk when I got back, so she was soon smiling again.


Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal (Just Right), skim milk (pre gym) 2 slices of dry toast with vegemite
Mid-morning: Morning team strikes again! Party pie, small sausage roll, carrot, celery, fruit salad and a piece of cake. I even ENJOYED the fruit, carrot and celery. Whatever next?!
Lunch: Chicken and egg salad (carrot, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, cheese). As a direct comparison with the one I had previously from the sushi/smoothie place (mostly lettuce, gritty)… this one rocks. It’s from Cafe Viva in Esplanade Busport and made fresh while you wait. $6.50.
Mid-afternoon: Hot cross bun
Dinner: Steak sandwich (including plenty of salad) and healthy home-cut chips


Plain, filtered water: 3800ml
2 small glasses orange juice
1 long macchiato, 2 sugars


Gym: 5 minutes bike warm-up, 4 x 500m on rower, with leg stretches in between. 10 fitball squats, 12 push-ups (knees)
Short walk with dog around the block
1.5km walk across town from train station to office

Physical, Mood etc.:

Woke up ready to head to the gym
1pm – tired, in good spirits though. Looking forward to nap on the bus 🙂
10pm – feels like a cold coming (reaction to exercise no doubt). More than ready for bed!


Current focus set by Britt is stretching, squats, pushups and now the rowing machine. With the rower I did 4 lots of 500m followed by front and back leg muscle stretches. The rowing machine has a variable difficulty level adjusted by allowing more or less water into the fly wheel. I started to struggle on the 2nd lot amd remembered that it was adjustable. Set to “3” on the dial for the rest of the rowing, and that was adequate as I paused at about 250m on the final two attempts.

Times for rowing:

1: 2m 30s, water level set to middle of the dial (5?)
2: 2m 30s, water level set to 3
3: 2m 40s, water level set to 3
4: 2m 40s, water level set to 3

Out of puff and struggling to keep knees in tight – either way I “rowed” 2km this morning and that’s pretty damn fantastic as far as I am concerned!

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