12 Dec 2012 – since you been gone

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYtdW5bD-7Q]
not too much to report from the past week – on the technological front, I decided to merge this blog into my main personal blog, then decided to replace THAT site with another more focused one (thus earning this blog a reprieve lol).

also, reality is that this blog remains the best way to let Britt see what’s going on – the other options I considered (weekly summaries, email, facebook etc.) actually involved more work for me. I also found that NOT blogging in the past few days has felt really WEIRD!

nothing to report on the training and eating front either

a few things have combined this week (smacking my ankle against the shower base, aches and pains in my joints – particularly knees – sneezing, headaches, general tiredness – working beyond the usual 8:30/9:00 bed time, and getting up “late” – around 4:30am) and as a result I decided to take a week off from journaling, exercising etc.

my body needs a rest, my attention has been needed elsewhere – and in the back of my mind I’m kind of hoping a break/change in the routine might help with the plateau thing (but that’s not the primary motivation).

anyway – I’ll be back to daily journaling from Sunday onwards…


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