12 Jun 2013 – closer

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkGhDHP093M?rel=0&w=480&h=360] 

getting closer and closer. staying relatively calm about it all, but hard to completely stop the anticipation building…

did my final run this morning – short row tomorrow, rest Friday, another short row Saturday and then it will be time to put all this preparation to good use!

I tried out a water bottle belt this morning – it was a little uncomfortable and ended in disaster for the water bottle cap. The bottle fell out and the cap got cracked.

So I’ll be carrying my bottle of home-made sports drink in my hand as per usual. I’ve carried it 32km before, so I’m sure it’ll be fine for 42km.

04:00 – 3.17km run – 21:52
04:30 – cheesy bacon & tomato omelette
05:55 – bus, nap
06:45 – black coffee
10:00 – black coffee. pikelets & strawberry jam
11:00 – feta & spinach muffin
12:00 – cheese & crackers.
12:15 – indian chicken rice. citrus, sultana & oat biscuit
15:15 – bus, nap
17:00 – cup of tea
18:00 – meatballs & wedges. slice lemon cake. cup of tea
21:00 – cup of milk, bed

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