15 Aug 2012: Barbarism Begins At Home


Can’t believe how quickly “pick a long row” day has comise around again. Had a fairly lazy start to the day, getting up at 4:30am. This in turn meant that I chose one of the shorter “long rows” – 10km.

As with last week’s effort, I figured 10km was short enough to focus on hitting milestones in an effort to put in a personal best. Once you get beyond an hour, the mental approaches need to be different (dealing with boredom etc.) but these days I can handle clock-watching for 45 to 60 minutes (probably because I am regularly putting in 1km, 2km and 5km rows and getting used to longer distances/times).

So the aim today was to beat 46m 45s – which I then refined further to be “under 45 minutes”. To achieve that meant maintaining a rate of just under 2:15 per 500m.

In the end I actually put in a slightly faster rate (2:07 / 500m), rowing the 10km in 42m 21s. Even more impressively, the rate was slightly faster then my 5km row on Monday!



Time got up: 04:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 4
Night 4


04:30 – 2 jatz lite crackers, glass of water
04:45 – Gym (see details below)
06:30 – Weetbix, 2 slices toast with marmalade. Orange juice
07:20 – Bus, nap
08:30 – Skinny long mac
11:00 – Morning walk, sliced banana, nuts, seeds & yoghurt
14:30 – Lunchtime walk, Chicken satay, rice & veggies
17:00 – Banana, bus, nap
18:30 – 2 x Chicken, mango & grapefruit salsa and salad wraps
22:45 – Milk, bed


5 minutes warm-up bike

10km row – 42m 21s

5 min walk on treadmill


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