15 oct 2013 – something i need


bright early start again this morning, perfect for a bit of abs work, followed by a gentle, easy-paced run in the cool dark of the morning.

upper thighs a little sore after the run – they will get another low impact day tomorrow when i use the rowing machine. it’s not a “bad” sore, it’s very much a “yes i got out and did something today!” type sore…

02:15 – abs and 6.5km easy pace run (see below)
03:30 – Brekkie. 1 x Berocca, 3 x fish oil capsules, 1 x glucosamine tablet, 1 x men’s one-a-day multi-vitamin. Apricot yoghurt crumble. 2 eggs, bacon, tomato, 2 slices toast. Glass orange juice.
04:50 – bus into perth. 25 minute nap.
05:45 – black coffee. cadbury boost bar (bad habit – must stop this)
08:30 – red apple
10:30 – mandarin orange
11:30 – approx 5km walk (runkeeper malfunction AGAIN)
12:30 – cheese and biscuits
12:45 – chicken dim sims with veggies and canton sauce
13:15 – apricots & pears
13:45 – light fruit cake
15:45 – toast and honey
18:30 – corned beef risotto
20:30 – glass milk, night-time multi, 3 fish oil capsules. bed

abs and run

day 15 of 30 day abs challenge – 70 sit-ups, 90 crunches, 42 leg raises, 60 seconds plank hold

6.5km easy paced run (or alternative link for runkeeper)

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