18 oct 2012: spring

i didn’t get to bed as early as i was planning to last night, which translated to waking up a little later than hoped this morning. still had plenty of time for a shorter jog though.

managed a slightly faster pace than previous runs – would translate to about 65 minutes over 10km, so I now have a better feel for the sort of pace I need to be maintaining to achieve 10km in an hour.

legs aching now but i guess i enjoyed it in a weird “omg i am actually sort of enjoying running these days” kind of way…


Time got up (today): 03:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4
Lunch 4
Night 3 (tired – technical issues with a client website means I’m up late)


03:20 – 1 lite jatz cracker, glass water
03:30 – outdoor session (see below)
04:45 – 2 eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, toast, orange juice
05:30 – bus, meditate, nap
06:15 – skinny long mac, few nuts
10:00 – morning walk, banana, yoghurt, nuts & dried cranberries
12:30 -lunchtime walk, small serve chicken & rice
14:30 –  few nuts & dried cranberries
17:30 – salmon & salad
0:15 – milk, bed

outdoor session

warm-up walk with marble around the block (5 mins)

3.79km jog (Garden St, Harpenden St, Huntingdale Rd, Warton Rd, Garden St) – 24:20


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