19 & 20 May: Weekend

So it seems that a pattern is establishing itself… when I look for songs/vids to go with a “catchup” journal entry, it winds up being a piece of 1970s pop cheese… (this one isn’t half as bad as Barry Manilow though!)


With Helen away doing a market down south on Sunday, the original intention was to hit the gym early on Saturday with the aim of completing the half marathon (21km) row discussed with Britt previously.

The gym was shut due to some cleaning work – they were making it look pretty for an open day…

So Saturday and Sunday became non-gym days, though there was Grasshopper Soccer, walks with the dog, taking the boy to the local playground etc. etc.

Diet-wise things weren’t too bad, though most definitely NOT ideal (there were 2 males, home alone, it was always going to be a challenge lol). I wound up staying up late/early for the Champions League final (kick off Sunday 2:45am WST).

We also ended the weekend eating takeaway fish and chips – it was delicious 🙂

The stage was set however, and a plan formed in my mind… early to bed on Sunday (9:30pm ish) with the idea of attempting the half marathon row on Monday….



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