19 Jul 2012: Penny Lane

Had this one playing during the jog this morning – 2 Thursdays in a row for Beatles tracks…


Time to bed (previous night): 23:00
Time got up (today): 05:15
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 5


05:15 – 1 multigrain cracker, glass of water
05:30 – Backyard session (see below)
06:15 – 2 slices toast, bacon, 2 eggs scrambled. Orange juice
07:15 – Bus, nap
08:15 – Skinny long mac
11:30 – Morning walk, sliced banana, nuts, seeds, yoghurt
14:00 – Chicken, rice, veggies
16:30 – Banana
16:45 – Bus, nap
18:00 – Salmon, asparagus. roasted capsicum
22:30 – Milk, bed

Backyard Session

Warm-up: walk around block with Marble

20 push ups, 20 squats, 20 crunches

20 push ups, 20 squats, 20 obliques

20 push ups, 20 squats, 40 bicycle legs

Jog – 1.6km(ish) – 11m 30s
(around the larger block that formed the basis of the timed walk right back at the start)


Improved time on the jog due to the fact that I managed to jog the whole way around. Not very fast, but a jog nonetheless!

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