19 Mar 2012: Gym Just Got Tougher

Some 80s cheese… As for this week’s take on, give away and goal…

Take on: 1 lunchtime walk per week that includes a stroll up Jacob’s Ladder
Give away: Saturday gym (i.e. bringing back the rest day)
Goal: Establish early start as standard so no skimping on gym routine and maximising family time.


Time to bed (previous night): 22:15
Time got up (today): 03:05
Daily water intake: 2600ml
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 4 (feel great, just a little tired pre-walk. All good after walk)
Night 5


03:05 – Sandwich thin with vegemite, glass water
03:30 – Gym (see below)
04:30 – Slice toast, microwaved egg, small qty grated cheese. Glass orange juice
05:30 – Bus, meditate, rest
06:15 – Riverside walk
06:45 – Long Mac, few nuts
09:15 – Morning walk then sliced banana, natural yoghurt, nuts and seeds
11:30 – Lunchtime walk
12:00 – MYO Sandwich (wholemeal bread, cheese, chicken, tomato, lettuce, spinach, jalapenos)
15:00 – Bus home, forgot to eat my banana – didn’t feel hungry though
16:30 – Swim and play with Kian in the pool
18:00 – Steak sandwich with salad and egg plant
22:00 – Glass of milk and bed


5 minutes bike warm-up – 2.083km
Twice through circuit as follows:

20 x Leg Press (15, 15)
20 x Chest Press (11, 11)
20 x Assisted Chin-ups (75kg, 75kg)
20 x Seated Row (40kg, 40kg)
10 x Tricep Pull Downs Rope (30Kg, 30Kg)
10 x Bicep Curls free weight (10Kg, 15kg)
10 Shoulder Press free weight – (10Kg, 15kg)
10 x Crunches
10 x Twists
10 x Bicycle Legs


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