19 Sep 2012: In The Shadows


Woke up quite late this morning, felt pretty crappy (aching and tired). Probably not helped by the house being full of sick and sniffly people at the moment!

Anyway, net result was a decision to not hit the gym – instead I opted to do a couple of urgent client web site tasks.


Time got up (today): 04:30
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 3
Lunch 5
Night 3


04:30 – Bit of computer work
05:00 – Bowl of cereal, 2 slices toast, orange juice
06:00 – Bus, nap
07:00 – Skinny long macchiato, muffin
09:00 – Morning walk, banana, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, dried cranberries
11:30 – Extended lunchtime walk via King’s Park (9km). 4 pieces sushi roll (chicken).
14:45  – Few nuts & dried cranberries
15:00 –  Bus, nap
18:00 – Crispy thin pizzas made using thin wraps as the base with tomato, olives, onion, cheese, a little meat…
20:30 – Glass milk, bed


Not today…

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