20 May 2013 – Only Teardrops

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG-FoopCnDw?rel=0&w=560&h=315] 

when I went to bed last night, I decided that the time I woke up today would determine whether this was to be a rest day, or an active recovery run day.

as it turned out, I had a good night’s sleep (on top of the whole afternoon of post-run sleep) and woke with just enough time to get ready for work.

so a rest day it is – just as well really as I’m not sure my legs would appreciate a recovery run, no matter how gentle!

feeling really good after yesterday’s efforts, but now it’s time to put that behind me and focus on the full marathon, which is now only 4 weeks away.

04:30 – baked beans & cheese on 2 slices wholemeal toast. orange juice
05:25 – bus, nap
07:00 – black coffee. peanuts & rice crackers
09:00 – fruit salad fruit cup
10:00 – green tea. vanilla yoghurt
11:30 – roast chicken tenders, salad, croutons. tropical crush (pineapple chunks & passion fruit)
13:00 – tomato soup & multigrain roll
14:15 – bus, nap
16:00 – cup of tea, cinnamon scroll
18:00 – roast lamb, roast veggies, mash & gravy
20:30 – cup of tea
21:00 – bed

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