20 Oct 2016 – firestarter


the observant among you will have noticed a few things about food and training lately:

  • they are back on track
  • my runs have been kept in the aerobic zone
  • I am skipping less and being more consistent

I think a lot of this has come about because I knew things needed tightening up, and at the same time also stumbled on an audio book called “Primal Endurance”. one of the central themes with regard to “primal” training is not to push the body into “fight or flight” stress too often, and to build an aerobic engine. to be honest, it reminded me of some things I read a long time ago, which talked about not worrying about pace with long runs, and that race speed was built by speedwork sessions and not in the long runs.

it’s easy to forget the basics sometimes, and it’s great when we can reconnect with these things.

all i really know is that with a renewed focus on eating well (lite n easy for breakfast and lunch, sensible choices for dinner) and training properly, I am less fatigued, I have lost about 2.5kg already (first weight loss in a long time) and feeling really good.

you might say that the fires inside have been renewed 🙂

Food Diary for Oct 20th 2016 (Click to Open)

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