2014-08-11: “pre-season” day 1

this is it. day 1 of the “pre-season” lead-in to this next adventure…

I decided to treat it like a fresh start, because in doing so I feel it recaptures and injects some of the excitement and spirit that was present for the first adventure; to become fit, healthy and capable of running a marathon.

it also gives a great opportunity for other people to hook in, perform their own “reboot”, and make a definite start towards their own goals.

why a pre-season?

two reasons; I can’t actually train at the moment, due to post-op recovery, so a pre-season build-up helps keep me on the straight and narrow. also, it quite simply worked really well the first time around!

what I am going to do with this period (around 4 weeks) is to get back into the habit of “training” regularly, get back into the habit of recording everything, and get back into the habit of being mindful of what I am doing, eating, drinking and thinking…

why do this again?

aside from the need to make running 60km a day “normal”, I have side goals; to break the 25 minute mark with parkrun, to get below 100kg, to sharpen up my healthy eating and hydration habits, and also to “lead by example” by simply detailing all that I do, the issues that I face, and how I deal with those things.

I would also like to get to grips with other habits; biting/picking fingernails, being organised, get better with personal financial planning and so on and so forth. while these are not running goals, they are the sort of thing that I know from experience  receive a massive boost from the skills and tools acquired through running (discipline, focus, persistence, habit change..)

day 1 journal

note: breakfast, lunch and dinner all part of lite n easy 1500 calorie pack. at least 1.5l of fresh cold water consumed across the day.

03:30 – 1.7km walk – http://www.strava.com/activities/178435077

04:30 – breakfast – nut cluster crunch with skim milk, 2 egg omelette

05:30 – bus, 30 minute nap

06:30 – coffee, 2 sugars

10:00 – red apple

10:30 – cup of tea, 2 sugars

12:15 – soy chicken tender & asian salad wrap. vanilla pears in orange syrup

12:45 – walk into the city to buy map of Australia and a travel guide/mapbook – http://www.strava.com/activities/178581649

13:30 – Choc Cranberry Trail Mix

14:30 – vanilla yoghurt

14:30 – cup of tea, 2 sugars

16:15 – bus, nap

18:00 – spaghetti bolognaise

20:30 – glass milk, bed


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