21 Oct 2016 – roar


in case you wonder about the music videos… it’s something I did with my daily journal posts originally, and will either be a favourite song that comes to mind, something long-forgotten that pops into my head, a song that I hear at the gym or on the way to work etc… today’s video is brought to you by virtue of the fact it was on at the gym this morning 🙂

talking of the gym – my gym sessions currently are a lot less involved than the ones I did a few years ago. they are (currently) primarily running rest day sessions, and involve some relatively gentle rowing, interspersed with push-ups and plank holds.

this is proving to be a great strategy, helping to get some more focus back onto core strength, stretching and to keep momentum going rather than allowing that “it’s rest day, I don’t have to move” type mentality.


Food Diary for Oct 21st 2016 (Click to Open)


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