24 Apr 2013 – not nineteen forever

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while the neglect of this journal continues, please be assured that marathon training is most definitely not being neglected!

I hav been feeling the effects of working on the garden last week though – aches, pains, fighting to stop a cold form developing fully – the worst of all has been my left knee.

spending so much time kneeling, bending and lifting – as well as the running and rowing – has aggravated the knee, requiring a compression sleeve, anti-inflammatory tablets and resting it as much as possible. and that doesn’t necessarily mean sitting – believe it or not, when it’s like this, sitting in the normal position (lower leg upright, thighs horizontal) can be quite painful with a throbbing and aching knee!

the rest day on monday helped, then last night (tuesday) I felt particularly tired, achey and completely over the knee throbbing. an early night, a couple of ibuprofen and an unscheduled lie-in seem to have made things 1000% better.

the downside is that I woke up too late to go to the gym for a 10km row – but that might be a blessing in disguise, leaving me stronger for the 8km run tomorrow.

so a quick catch up on training:

fri apr 19th – rest day

sat apr 20th – 16.14km run – 2:32:02

sun apr 21st – 4.66km run – 44:51

mon apr 22nd – rest day

tue apr 23rd – 6.65km run – 49:31

wed apr 24th – rest


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