24 Feb 2013 – little by little

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after a much-needed rest day, it was time for the “long, slow run” today.

with the training schedule being used, today’s distance is actually the same as Friday’s. I stuck to a relatively plodding pace, and also opted to do the running on the local streets rather than the treadmill.

I think I’ll aim to do that for the sunday runs from now on, to build up the experience of running on the roads rather than a treadmill. the weather is (generally) good for early morning outdoor runs currently.


Time got up (today): 04:45
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 5
Lunch 5
Night 5


04:45 – jatz cracker, glass water
05:00 – road run (see below)
07:30 – 2 crumpets with berries, yoghurt & honey. orange juice
10:00 – coffee. slice toast
12:00 – at a market / shopping with Kian (lots of walking)
13:30 – chicken, avocado and salad sandwich, few potato wedges
17:00 – family dinner – few pre-dinner nibbles. 1 beer. couple of glasses of wine. prawn and chorizo salad starter, chicken & chorizo casserole with rice.
22:15 – cup of warm milk, bed

road run

5 min walk around block with marble to warm up
6.5km run – MapMyRun didn’t record for some reason, so not sure of time. About an hour maybe.

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