29 nov 2013 – friday i’m in love


yes, i know, i’ve been a bit of a slacker on the old journal front the past couple of days… a few computer hassles at work and a few other bits and pieces sucked time out of the day like it was going out of fashion… even this journal entry is being written quite late in the day, hence no hourly log of food etc…

wednesday i went down the gym, put in a 10km row over about 48 minutes.

thursday was notable – i got the bus into perth and then went for a run with a work colleague around the river. wasn’t too shabby either. 10km in 1 hour and 3 minutes. next week we plan to run tuesday as well as thursday. makes a nice change!

today started a little later than usual, about 4am, and i hit the streets to do some 1km repeats. 7 of them to be precise, at 6:00 per km.


That is, it was awesome in a “hurt quite a bit at times but worth it in the end and felt great afterwards” kind of way 

I will be honest and say that I continue to be amazed at how the training pays off, I was consistently under faster than the 6:00 target pace today, and when I picked up the pace for a strong finish to the final 1km, I notched up a fastest pace of 4:15 per km.

Now obviously I can’t sustain 4:15 over more than a few meters currently, but it wasn’t that long ago that I wouldn’t be able to hit that pace, let alone think about how long I could hold it for.

Training, persistence, discipline and focus do pay off in the end, you just have to be patient enough to wait for the results!




push-ups & core

100 push-ups challenge, week 3, day 3, column 3


35 x crunches x 5
35 x bicycle legs x 5
2 minute plank x 2


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