4 days, 120ks…

this weekend has been a bit hectic to say the least, and it’s been hard work to fit in time for training, let alone journaling!

two big reasons for that; firstly I am now on day four of a “120 kms in four days” challenge – i.e. to do 120km of walking and running in the four days Friday to Monday. secondly, a large chunk of Saturday was taken up with an interview on ABC Radio.

that dent in my schedule on Saturday left me looking at just 79km total, even after a 31km trail run on Sunday, this left me with a choice; either squeeze in a little 10 to 12km run Sunday evening, and force Monday to be a big day (30 to 35km), or get my mental game on, knock out 20km or more, and get things back on track.

I chose the latter, completing just over a half marathon distance, taking the daily total for Sunday over the 50km mark!

It was around 11:30pm by the time I finished, so no running was achieved this morning.

with a 5km walk at lunchtime today, I now have approximately 15km to get done tonight. can’t wait (though my legs might beg to differ!)

in other news, I have started logging a few training thoughts in short videos captured on my phone. they are curently on the Facebook page, but I hope to get them uploaded to youtube soon!


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