5th January 2015

day one of the USANA RESETNation challenge, which in my case is resulting in supplementing my Lite n Easy food with USANA shakes & snacks, as well as continuing to take the USANA Essentials multivitamins.

it is also day one of (planned/intended) video logging of food, training and overall thoughts – and eventually I hope to get organised enough that the videos are uploaded to youtube and included in these blog posts…


Time got up (today): 03:00
Mood (1 to 5):
Morning 4 (tired but upbeat)
Lunch 5
Night 5


official RESETNation starting stats – to be taken each Monday morning before eating:

weight: 118.5kg
body fat: 22.7%
hydration: 53.1%
muscle: 40%
bone: 12.8%
daily calories: 3714 kcal


03:15 – 10k (5k run / 5k walk)
05:00 – vanilla nutrimeal, probiotic, passionfruit yoghurt, toasted fruit loaf & butter, orange juice
07:15 – bus, nap
8:15 – coffee (2 sugars), fudge delite
11:00 – peach & pear cup
11:30 – cup of tea (1 sugar)
13:00 – strawberry nutrimeal
14:00 – soy chicken tender, asian salad & hoisin dressing in a wrap, golden raisin mix
15:00 – tomato bruschetta on ciabatta, double choc cake
15:30 – cup of tea (1 sugar)
16:30 – bus, nap
18:30 – macaroni cheese, chocolate nutrimeal
22:00 – bed

run / walk

5km run, 5km walk

strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/237027012

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