7 things a marathon taught me about life

it’s no exaggeration – training for and completing a marathon has changed me, taught me and inspired me.

as i was plodding around a 6.5km route this morning, i started to think about the things it taught me – here’s 7 of them:

1. it’s all in the preparation

the training and preparation for a marathon is itself a huge undertaking, and will underpin everything. neglecting this preparation will not help get you over that line.

2. it really is a marathon, not a sprint

you have to be in it for the long haul, commit to the effort required long-term. don’t put in a couple of weeks of massive effort and action, then expect things to be handed to you.

3. it’s ok to walk sometimes – in fact you may have to

it’s hard to take at first, you want to be pushing on at full throttle. but something prevents this, slows you down. your progress will never be at full speed all of the time, and sometimes easing off can help you to gather your thoughts, consolidate things, then push on harder.

4. be motivated by the goal but don’t forget to enjoy the ride

the little changes, the minor victories, the personal wins. even the setbacks and disappointments are part of the story, and if you focus too hard on the end goal, you will miss them,.

5. you really can do it

plod along, keep going, one step at a time. as long as you never throw in the towel, you can do it. doesn’t matter how long things take, just stick with it and it will happen.

6. people will surprise you

decide on something, commit to it and act on it consistently and people will admire you, support you, and even go out of their way to help you. you may even start to become something of a “goto” person for others seeking to do something similar. embrace it, get used to it and make sure you repay your debts (for the support you got) by being willing to support & help others,

7. i love running

not really a life lesson. but it’s a gift that the marathon gave me 🙂

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