91 days and really feeling like a milestone was achieved in the last 24 hours….

91 days and really feeling like a milestone was achieved in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, I clocked up 60km, spread across 3 large walks and a small lunchtime walk. Having walked to work and back (with a full day at the office in between), I rested up, ate, and then got back out for 15km last night (finishing around 1:30am)

This was 23 hours or so without sleep.

Then I still somehow managed to wake in time for parkrun, and figured that even if I managed a slow 5k walk, it would be an achievement. However, what I managed to do was record a 5km run just outside the 30 minute mark, with the first 1km split being around 6:50, and the final one being around 5:25, and a steady decrease in split times throughout.

It was a run that felt almost as good as it was surprising, and I was really pleased to find I had the mental and physical capability to push things in the final 2kms and produce a strong finish.

60km in one day was awesome, being able to back that up with a decent 5km run after a short sleep ensured that the new level of confidence was firmly locked in.

This training stuff really works you know!

As you probably know by now, I am doing these things for a reason, and if you feel you can help buy supporting that reason, then please go to http://GoFundMe.com/HAA2015 – and donation, however small or large, is very much appreciated.

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