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after a few weeks of disappointing long runs, I think I poured a lot of energy into getting yesterday’s right, and subsequently spent the remainder of the day recovering lol – so here’s details of both yesterday’s and today’s runs etc.

I had 25.7k in the schedule for sunday, and this time I took it at a relaxed pace, didn’t check the watch for pace at all, just kept an eye on distance. The actual run finished at around 3h 32m – I then walked for a bit after.

The name of the game was simply to finish – pushing too hard and crashing in previous weeks was beginning to be a bit of a mind issue. In that respect I succeeded, though the pace was a little slower than I thought it would be. Doesn’t matter though!

When I finished, my legs were like jelly and my ab/groin/pelvis was sore.

Fuel-wise, I took a gel at 16km, then 19.2km and 22.4km – I don’t think I have anything to report on that front – I certainly had it in me to push things a little with 1.5km to go – hitting 7:00 and under.

Hydration has been an issue at times. I made sure I set off nice and early, and so I avoided the real heat of the day – got through 750ml of energy/electrolyte drink during the run, and drank heaps of fluids afterwards.

I’ve got a new hydration belt coming from wiggle, it will enable me to carry 1.2 litres of fluids, without holding a bottle in my hand, and I will continue to work at improving hydration and fueling!

monday recovery run

I woke up quite stiff and sore this morning, though I felt great once I got moving, and wound up doing more of a long run pace than a recovery pace!

Have had to do quite a bit of stretching through the day since – calves mostly. Luckily it’s a public holiday here in Western Australia, so I’ve been stretching, foam rolling, resting up and hoping to be nice and fresh for the 10k pace run tomorrow 🙂

Sunday long run: http://www.strava.com/activities/117159427
Monday recovery run: http://www.strava.com/activities/117364415

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