almost fell at the first hurdle

While the official start date is Feb 13th, I am using the next couple of weeks to change a few habits and get off to a good start. After all, there are no actual rules about when you can and can’t start anything; whether it’s fitness, health, or any other thing, there’s nothing stopping me, or anyone else, from starting immediately!

Except I nearly stopped myself…

baby it’s cold outside

OK, so it wasn’t actually cold outside, however it WAS nice and cosy in bed when I woke up about 5am. So cosy that I had to work hard to persuade myself to get out of bed and start as I had intended. Getting out of bed is surely one of the easiest things in the world and most people can do it unassisted. Yet this morning it took the form of a battle of epic proportions; one half of my brain saying “get up” while the other said “meh, you don’t need to do this until Feb 23rd”.

Have you ever felt immobilised by your own thoughts? There’s only one cure – snap out of it and get on with it. The way you snap out of it is simple; take control of your own thoughts and discard the ones that are getting in your way.

how to train to be an elite athlete

So, having heard about that epic battle I’m sure you’re keen to hear more about how an elite marathon runner actually trains. 🙂

I took the dog for a pleasant 15 minute walk around the local area.

That was it, nothing more, nothing less. It wasn’t complicated, it didn’t require strength or endurance and it didn’t require expensive equipment.

While it’s not unusual for me to take the dog for a walk, this would be the first time in a very long time that I’ve deliberately got out of bed early and gone outside for the sole purpose of “exercise”.

Physically it had very limited benefit – the main one being an unexpected treat for the greyhound. Mentally though it was a significant milsetone, and helps build the foundations on which everything else will be done.

Next challenge will be lunch…

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