and now I feel like a pregnant walrus

one of the occupational hazards of working in an office environment, especially in the public sector, is the morning tea.

invariably a collection of party pies, sausage rolls, chips, dip, sugary cakes, chocolate biscuits and anything else that contains zero nutritional benefit.

funnily enough, it was one of the first hurdles I had to get over!

but morning tea temptation was a thing of the past

or so I thought – maybe it was the extra effort I put in at the gym in the morning. maybe it was the grey, wet, miserable weather. maybe it was just the old me having a practical joke after I’d written about moving things to the next level.

whatever the reason, I indulged.

in recent times I’ve been known to join in with these occasions, having a token nibble of something relatively healthy.

not today. today it was party pie, sausage roll, chocolate biscuit and sugar-laden cream cake.

and I enjoyed it to a degree – my tastebuds haven’t “changed” (as so many biggest loser contests repeat in parrot-fashion, in front of the cameras) – things that used to taste good STILL taste good. however…

those yummy treats aren’t quite so good an hour or so later

an hour later you can feel the sugar being processed by your body. skin warm, ears overheating.

you feel jittery, edgy, non-focused, lethargic.

then bloating kicks in – the lardy stodginess of the the “meat” products. the effects of preservatives, colourings, fuck knows what else from the manufacturer’s industrial-strength chemistry set.

“was it worth it?” one wonders.

that lean, mean feeling you had after leaving the gym this morning – gone in a flash.

instead, you feel sluggish, bloated and basically fat. fat like a giant pregnant walrus, indulging her craving for a plate of blubber served on a bed of lard.

feeling like that is a good thing actually

I would never have described a post-morning-tea feeling that way before – I would have felt a little tired and basically “stuffed” I guess, but NOW I can actually FEEL what it’s doing to my body. I can UNDERSTAND the physiological and chemical impacts that “food” is having.

it makes me feel bad just thinking about it. and THAT fact makes it a whole lot less likely that the mistake will be repeated.

“easily said”, you might think, but there IS a precedent.

I used to LOVE hot ‘n’ spicy KFC. and I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

if I were ever to have an official “cheat day”, that would be the food I’d spend all day eating (just as a side note, I’ve never had official cheat days, and have never spent all day eating KFC. just in case you wondered!)

we had some a few weeks ago. I felt ill afterwards. I could feel it having an impact on my system

I no longer crave hot ‘n’ spicy KFC.


What’s YOUR weak spot food-wise and have you gone off anything you used to love??

image courtesy of Creative Commons License Hans Splinter via Compfight

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