and so here we are…

five months ago I gave a brief summary of the past few years, a summary that culminated in weight gain, sleep apnoea diagnosis, and an intention/hope to get things back on track….

boy did the universe have a little bit more “adventure” in store for me!

after catching flu at the end of a Christmas trip to the UK, and struggling to recover from the same, I eventually ended up in the local GP clinic, being diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes! it certainly explained a lot, and at the time of writing the blood sugar levels have been under control for almost 2 months, I have returned to work, and finally have my energy back!

the weight is falling again (currently down to 144kg – from a peak in June of 180kg), I have re-acquainted myself with parkrun (walking at the moment), and overall it’s just great to be buzzing with energy again, and looking forward to getting back to… well, everything… training, blogging, running, triathlon, and much more.

if you’re one of the poor sods who has read many of my posts in recent years, you’ll understand when I say that THIS time I truly believe it’s the start of a new chapter 😀

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