announcing my next adventure

so, let’s make one thing very clear, I am not about to announce another long walk or run. that will have to wait for some time in the future (but trust me, the itch is there to be scratched for sure!)

no, the new adventure is quite different to the challenges I have undertaken before, and yet at the same time will require many of the same approaches; it even has a fair amount of relevance to my running and triathlon passions.

during the course of the past two weeks, there has been a culmination of many thoughts and feelings that have built up for a while. it is quite reminiscent of the things that led to me deciding to become fit enough to complete a marathon, and even the craziness that led to crossing the country on foot.

for the past 30+ years I’ve built stuff. computer stuff. software and web sites/apps. I realise now that I actually like building stuff, and more specifically creating things that are used and are of value to others. I also recognise that many others find inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm from running, for their own passions; designing running apparel, event organisation, coaching, virtual vents and challenges, nutrition, yoga and so on…

so this downtime I’ve had has created the opportunity to relax a little, allow thoughts to bubble to the surface, and produce a lightbulb moment; that it’s time to appreciate everything that my day job provides for me, but also to get back to pursuing my own business dreams. and just like before, with “no more mr fat guy” and “hearts across australia”, I’m putting it out there, and intend to blog publicly as I head down this path.

blogging, for me, is a very powerful accountability tool. even if nobody else actually reads the posts 🙂

my “plan” is to blog regularly, possibly resurrect my youtube channel, and hopefully even inspire others to pursue a similar path to realise their own goals outside of actual running.

I honestly feel every bit as excited, and nervous, as I did about aiming to complete a marathon, following up with fundraising for the London Marathon, and walking a very long way. That simultaneous nervousness and excitement is exactly what tells me this is the thing to do.

so watch this space, as I bare my soul to the world yet again, with zero clue how it’s all going to pan out – but I’d regret not trying, right?

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