back to work, the holiday is over

“a holiday” is, in a way, how I have come to view the past week and a bit. a rest at least.

my body (and probably mind as well) had conspired to complain – aches, pains, twatting my ankle on the shower base – they knocked the wind out of my sails, momentarily, bringing about a “lazy” spell of recuperation, refreshment and a whole week of sleeping in “late” (4:30am) lol

time to get back to the gym

the aches have all but gone now, the tiredness is still there, but different. the type of tiredeness that is not cured through sleep, but through physical exercise.

perhaps more importantly, the rest has impacted my thinking. it has had an impact on my mind in ways I hadn’t expected.

when I head down to the gym tomorrow morning, there will be a distinct absence of artificial measures, of concocted goals. I’m happy with my weight and fitness now, truly happy. yeah sure there’s still some extra blubber that would be good to shift, but it’s not something that I’m anguished by.

neither do I have any more concerns with the numbers on the scales.

the marathon is still on the agenda though

while I now view going to the gym as simply a part of my life, and the act of keeping fit and active as simply integral to my existence, I haven’t abandoned all sense of “goals”. specifically I haven’t thrown the marathon idea out with the bath water.

but there’s a different quality about that goal now. it started out as a way to “measure” my intended transformation, but with the 10km fun run under my belt, a successful half marathon session on the treadmill and my increasing willingness to slip on a pair of running shoes and hit the streets – there is nothing left to measure.

transformation achieved, completely and fully to my personal delight and satisfaction.

the marathon now is quite simply something that would make me feel good. really good. deep inside good. “holy crap look what I did” good.

I also expect it to make me feel anything BUT good while I am running it 🙂

so onwards, upwards, sidewards and whatever-wards we go

2012 has been a great year. 2013 will be very different because of it.

for that I am simultaneously grateful and proud.


the EX fat guy

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