back to training journal basics…

daily journaling has fallen by the wayside over the past months, and it particularly went pear-shaped once I stopped following a formal training plan, with a specific target race in mind…

but now, I’m on about week 3 of the craziest training cycle of my life to date, and it’s getting increasingly important to get back to basics. record routine, fuel, training and how I felt, any issues etc.

when you’re planning on covering a total of over 10,000km on foot in a 10 month period (6 months training, 4 months actually going from Perth to Brisbane), then it’s important to stay on top of things, and record everything so that emerging issues can be spotted before they become a serious problem!

overall today I am feeling pretty ok, despite having had a tooth removed earlier this week. the healing process from that has been straightforward, and a few painkillers through the day has been managing the pain adequately.

after the walk I felt tired but strong, flagged towards the end of the day and didn’t do any more running or walking – planning to get a decent distance run done in the morning as I am currently doing a “120+ kms in 4 days” challenge.

03:00 – woke up, felt fresh, popped an energy gel, daily supplements, sports drink, and a couple of painkillers for my mouth (recovering from tooth extraction)
03:30 – 20.7km walk to the office (Just over 4 hours)
08:00 – cup of strong coffee, 2 sugars, bacon & egg long roll
11:00 – cup of tea, 2 sugars, muesli bar
13:00 – 5km walk
14:00 – Hainanese chicken rice
16:00 – bus, nap
20:00 – 2 pieces toast & butter, fruit cup, strawberry yoghurt
21:00 – bed


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