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bit of a late start again today. Didn’t wake up until almost 4 o’clock and decided to head in on the early bus as per normal, record the weekly video and THEN do my 8 x 1km repeats.

it worked well, was a great idea, but with the sun up, it was much warmer than it would have been at 3am and despite having my water bottle with me, I was grateful for a public water fountain at the end!

today’s target pace was 6:00 according to the schedule, but that pace has started to become relatively easy to hit lately, so I pushed for 5:45. the final 1km was tough, my legs felt as though they were made of lead, and was more like 6:00 but I think on the first 7 I more or less averaged around 5:45.

04:00 – 1 berocca, 1 x multivit, 3 x fish oil capsules, 1 x glucosamine
04:15 – 2 eggs, bacon, 2 slices toast, roasted tomato, orange juice.
04:50 – bus, nap
06:30 – 1km repeats (see above)
08:30 – black coffee, protein bar, energy snack
09:45 – slice chocolate cake (birthday morning tea)
11:45 – cashews & cranberries
12:30 – 3.9km walk
13:30 – chicken & pasta bake. red apple
14:30 – spinach & ricotta cake
14:45 – bus, nap
16:00 – push-ups and core (see below)
19:00 – wok-in-a-box takeaway – salt and pepper squid, chicken with chilli and basil, powerade drink, turkish delight chocolate bar
21:00 – glass milk, 3 fish oil capsules, 1 night-time multi. bed

push-ups & core

100 push-ups challenge, week 4, day 3, column 3

35 x crunches x 5
35 x bicycle legs x 5
2 minute plank x 2

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