best day of my life


so today’s scheduled training was…

Warm up for 1.6K at a comfortable pace
800 Meters at 5:00 – 5:15
400 Meter Rest Interval (walk or jog)
800 Meters at 5:00 – 5:15
400 Meter Rest Interval (walk or jog)
800 Meters at 5:00 – 5:15
Cool down for 1.6K at a comfortable pace

I woke up just after 3am, raring to go… I was feeling fairly confident about the intervals; after all, I’d managed a 4:51 and 4:50 for the first 2kms at parkrun this weekend, and it was only a couple of months ago I was doing 1km repeats at a similar pace…

what actually happened can be best summed up as “very hard work” lol.

I wasn’t sure if I’d hit 5:00 at all until I looked at data. The 1.6km warm-up I felt like I had a few residual niggles and sluggishness – took a while to warm-up but once I did things felt fine.

All 3 of the 800m intervals were hard work on the legs and breathing. Had the usual speedwork feeling with breathing – of areas of my lungs opening up for the first time in years. Probably some truth in that, what with me being an ex-smoker and everything!

The 400m recovery periods were pretty much 100m or so walk, then the remainder light jog.

My 1.6k cool down was mostly walked because I had nothing left! At one stage I tried to get a light jog going and literally had nothing there. I did do the last few hundred metres as a jog though.

So when I got back and looked at the data…

OK first 800m interval… target pace 5:00 to 5:15 actual pace varied between 5:23 and 4:50 2nd interval started at 4:51 and slowed steadily to 5:30 and then came down towards 5 again towards end 3rd one blew out to 5:38 – but pulled it back into 5:05 to 5:15 range for the last third

Yup – this was hard work!!

With hindsight I was a little too confident going in – with parkrun I had a 25 min pacer to follow, the crowd effect etc. and the benefits of the 1km repeats work has probably worn off by now, and I do vaguely remember the 5:00 pace being very very very hard work.

It’s all good though – my delusions of grandeur have been shattered LOL, I got a good hard workout, and another training session is in the bag, taking me one step closer to London Marathon on April 13th, and Gold Coast Marathon on July 6th!

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