christmas week catch-up


well it seems like forever since I last sat down and wrote one of these daily journal thingies… I’ve sort of allowed myself time off from it all as part of my Christmas and New Year holiday trip to the UK. not only have I allowed myself to be “relaxed” in terms of keeping a daily journal, I’ve also allowed myself to enjoy the usual indulgences associated with taking a holiday and with Christmas – in other words, eating and drinking a little too much, and partaking of “treats” as opposed to good, clean, healthy choices…

that said, I’ve actually consumed very little in the way of alcohol, and while I have definitely indulged in terms of food, it’s definitely not been as excessive as it would have been in years gone by. a major victory in the trip so far has been the fact I’ve managed to fit in some regular running.

not only is that running-while-on-holiday, but running in very cold (and sometimes wet) conditions! having taken to running in the warmer climes of Western Australia, where shorts and singlet are the order of the day, it’s been a shock to the system to run in the middle of a british winter; gloves and a jacket have been necessary additions, though I have still been wearing shorts.

running highlights of the holiday so far include a run on chinese soil (7.5km around the airport hotel), running my old school cross-country course, and a couple of sight-seeing runs around the area where I grew up.

with all the fun and games of travelling across the globe, and then Christmas itself, now out of the way, my aim is to get back to being a little more organised. while I won’t be logging things on My Fitness Pal until I get back to Australia, I will definitely make an effort to journal on a daily basis. I also have a couple of articles to finish off – one being a recap of the cross-country course run, the other a more general piece on what it’s been like returning “home” as a runner.

watch this space!

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