Feb 05 2012: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Stayed up and did some work last night. When I say “stayed up”, I mean 11:30 rather than the 3 or 4am that would have once meant. Slept right through until 4:15 this morning with no obvious sign of having a restless night (i.e. didn’t wake up at 1am or 3am as before). Got out of bed straight away, shoulders stiff and sore.


Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal (Just Right), skim milk (pre walk) 2 slices of toast with vegemite and extra light Bega cheese
Mid-morning: 1 piece of toast, orange marmalade
Lunch: Cold skinless chicken, sweetcorn (off the cob), pumpkin sliced and lightly fried.
Mid-afternoon: Bad bad bad Gary. Tempted by the delights of a few hard-boiled sweets. Decided it’s best to see this as a reward for being so good all week ๐Ÿ™‚
Dinner: Hungry Jacks takeaway – Tender Crisp Asian Salad.


Plain, filtered water: 2400ml
1 small glass orange juice
1 can Coke zero
1 glass milk


Usual walk with dog, completed in 16m 31s (a sign of a general recovery in progress)
Pre-walk I’ve started doing a few light warm-up exercises. These include a few push-ups, which were hard going as my shoulders complained at every attempt to move them.
Been at my home desk a lot today, been making an effort to get up and walk around regularly. If nothing else to stop the muscles from locking up!

Physical, Mood etc.:

Physically the soreness is there – still nothing unexpected, and a sign that things are happening.
Mentally 100% – possibly a small dip in spirits yesterday afternoon (on reflection) however I definitely woke up with attitude meter back to 100%
Ending the day on a high – looking forward to doing it all again from 4am tomorrow…


No sign of the “cold” – no sneezing, no sweating… it was just the body trying to force itself back to the old way of doing things ๐Ÿ™‚
Kian wanted “chippies” for lunch, I was quite pleased with the alternative version using pumpkin. Not sure Kian was entirely convinced though lol

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2 thoughts on “Feb 05 2012: Sunday, Bloody Sunday”

  1. This is looking and sounding great Gary, it makes it so much easier to help you along when I can read what is going on internally. Sharing it on a blog is a fantastic way to share it with the world, keep yourself accountable and allow for any assistance that might be available to show itself!
    Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Absolutely – and taking time to put it all into words has a number of direct benefits; it makes me think about things when I’m about to do something, eat something or make some decision or other. It gives me a chance to analyse what’s going on and helps me to fully understand the process (instead of the usual process of blindly following a routine, then one day wondering how and why I stopped doing it).

      Aiming for something so audacious and in the public eye certainly helps sharpen the focus lol. It’s also invaluable to get the feedback and comments from you – in many ways the Internet makes it easier to have more direct contact with and input from a personal trainer. Makes working “remotely” highly practical provided the initial motivation and drive is there.

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