Feb 07 2012: Jetts Day

4:15am start to the day and raring to go once more after a restful night. Being active physically as well as mentally are producing a feeling of complete tiredness at the end of each day, resulting in some good quality sleep. Anyway, today is an exciting one; introductory session at the Jetts 24 hour gym, so I’ll be able to take the training up a level with some regular gym work.


Breakfast: 1 cup of cereal (Just Right), skim milk (pre walk) 1 slice of dry toast with vegemite
Mid-morning: Danish pastry
Lunch: 1 slice toast, leftover pasta sauce from last night (turkey mince, tomato, olives & lentils)
Mid-afternoon: Nothing – thought I had a gym session…
Dinner: Lamb chop, broccolini, mushrooms, corn on the cob


Plain, filtered water: 2600ml
1 small glass orange juice
1 long macchiato, 2 sugars
1 bottle coke zero (vanilla)
1 glass milk


Usual walk with dog, completed in 15m 52s
Pre-walk: Stretching, warm-up and 11 push-ups (knees)
Walk back from Dome Cafe at lunch time

Physical, Mood etc.:

Woke up feeling great. Looking forward to Jetts this afternoon
Noon: feeling fine
11pm – ready for bed


Didn’t get to do the first gym session as hoped – the introductory thing was just a tour and explanation of how to use equipment… tomorrow will be doing rowing and stretching.

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