Feb 10 2012: TFI Friday!

Another 4am start – waking up automatically at a time that would have sometimes been my bedtime. Still not 100% used to it! Marble still looking to join me even though she had her op yesterday and has a big plastic cone on her head. Dogs don’t do all the stupid head stuff we humans are so good at – they just get on with it…

Breakfast: 1 cup cereal, skim milk (pre gym) 1 slice dry toast and vegemite
Mid-morning: Banana
Lunch: Beef Teriyaki Bento (Beef, rice, 2 pcs sushi roll, shredded cabbage, fruit salad)
Mid-afternoon: Fruit and Nut bar
Dinner: (at an event) Spicy Vegetarian Daal, chicken, small piece of quiche, small slice of home-made mulberry tart. 1 beer.

Plain, filtered water: 4300ml
1 glass orange juice (200ml)
1 long macchiato, 2 sugars
1 beer stubby

Gym: 5 minutes bike warm-up, 4 x 500m on rower, with leg stretches in between. 12 fitball squats, 14 push-ups (knees)
1.5km walk across town from train station to office (got off one stop early, maybe only added a couple hundred metres though)
2 x Down office stairs – level 8 to ground (210 steps)
2 x Up office stairs – level 1 to level 8 (154 steps)
Approximately 11km cycling plus 2km walking (flat tyre)

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning: 4am Mentally great, physically a little battered. Tickly cough, ok as long as lubricated
Lunch – Superb…
Night – Over the moon that the cycle ride was so noticeably better than the last time I rode the same journey

Rowing was a shocker, technique-wise. Struggling to keep knees together. Final block of 500m involved feet slipping out of straps… Pleased about the 3rd lot though as the time improved on previous (i.e. tried harder)

Times for rowing:

1: 2m 50s
2: 3m 05s
3: 2m 45s
4: 3m 15s

As before: out of puff, hips aching, legs like jelly, technique awful. That said this week I have rowed 6km in 3 days and my resting pulse rate is about 70 beats per minute. Gotta be chuffed with that!

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