Feb 15 2012: Down by the Riverside

Up at 4am today (4:04 to be precise), great session in the gym and then a minor brain fart that caused me to get off the bus at the other end of Perth and walk a few kms to the office. Very pleasant walk along the river.

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-gym) 2 multigrain weetbix with skim milk
Mid-morning: A banana
Lunch: Salad bowl (tuna, cheese, egg, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, asparagus, carrot)
Mid-afternoon: A banana, 1 white choc TimTam (thought about it first, and did it anyway – oops)
Dinner: Pasta – sauce made from turkey mince, tomato and pumpkin.

Plain, filtered water: 3800ml
1 orange juice (200ml approx)
1 long macchiato – no sugar
1 glass of milk

Gym (details below)
2.8km walk from bus stop to office
Down stairs level 8 to ground x 3
Up stairs level 1 to level 8 x 2
Step count: 11,749

5 minute warm up on bike – 1.667km
500m row – 2m 22s
10 fitball squats, 10 push-ups
500m row – 2m 28s
10 fitball squats, 10 push-ups
500m row – 2m 24s
10 fitball squats, 10 push-ups
500m row – 2m 28s

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning – Woke up at 4:04 and straight up and into it!
Lunch – Some slight aches and twinges from this morning. Excellent mood and frame of mind.
Night – Alert and upbeat.

Felt my stomach muscles kicking in with the rowing today – quite possibly for the first time. Pushed myself each time to get under the 2:30 mark. Well knackered at the end of it all – amazingly quick recovery though! A great session.

30 minute meditation on the bus works wonders. Start the working day with the system fully booted up and running and a relatively calm and still mind. Perfect.

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2 thoughts on “Feb 15 2012: Down by the Riverside”

  1. AWESOME Gary, talk about smashing the weekly goal of at least once under 2:30…. today all rows were under 🙂 WELL DONE!!!

    With your morning tea, I would like to see you add in a handful of nuts,seeds almonds, walnuts, any sorts of seeds really…. just watch for added salt.. (peanuts can be bad for that!)

    Keep up the fantastic work

  2. Cool – will have a look around for healthy nuts and seeds and throw a handful in each mid-morning.

    Possibly add in a dash of yoghurt if I’m feeling really daring. Banana, yoghurt, nuts and seeds. Sounds delicious!

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