Feb 18 2012: Walk On By

Much better start to the day, in bed around 10pm, woke up about 4:00, stayed in bed until 6 before heading out for a walk… getting enough rest is clearly crucial.

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-walk) fried egg on 1 slice of unbuttered bread
Mid-morning: Banana
Lunch: Chicken, rice
Mid-afternoon: Piece of toast with vegemite and melted cheese – literally CRAVED it.
Dinner: Homemade pizza – wholemeal base, tomato and basil paste, mushrooms, capsicum, tomato, rocket, spinach, chicken breast, ham, low fat Bega cheese

Plain, filtered water: 3000ml
2 orange juice (400ml approx)
1 glass milk

No Gym Today – “rest” day
Timed 1.5/1.6km walk – down to 14m 03s!
Short walk with Marble
Grasshopper Soccer with Kian
Walked to playground with Kian
Step count: 9074

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning – Very positive frame of mind – aching a lot thanks to those chin-ups!
Lunch – Suddenly very tired. Had a 2 hour “nap” with Kian after lunch!
Night – Hard to straighten left arm, sore tendon. Other than that not bad – fairly flat by day end.

The timed walk blew me away this morning. While I admit I was pushing myself to beat my previous time, the burning in my calf muscles was nothing like it has been before, and I was not really out of breath anything like before.

I shaved almost 90 seconds off the time to get down to 14m 03s! A good demonstration of the impact being had by training and pushing the daily walking beyond the 10,000 steps per day threshold.

Seeing results like that help maintain the positive frame of mind too!

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