Feb 21 2012: Back in the Groove

Raring to go again this morning, determined to have a more positive gym session than yesteday. Mission accomplished with the minor exception of push-ups. I manged exactly zero full(toe) push-ups today. Gotta crack that one.

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-gym) 2 mutigrain weetbix and skim milk
Mid-morning: Banana, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, pepitas, vanilla yoghurt
Lunch: Salad bowl – chicken, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, carrot
Mid-afternoon: Banana
Dinner: Turkey curry, dahl, brown rice

Plain, filtered water: 3500ml
Glass milk

Gym (details below)
2.8km riverside walk from bus stop to office
Down stairs Level 8 to Ground x 2
Up stairs Level 1 to Level 8 x 2
Walk to park with Kian

5 minute warm up on bike – 1.89km
600m row – 3m 21s
10 push-ups, 10 fitball squats, stretching
800m warm-up row – 4m 12s
600m row – 2m 58s

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning – Woke up at 4am, raring to go.
Lunch – Feeling great – good to be doing the walking again!
Night – VERY positive frame of mind


Smashed the rowing times from a week ago – well chuffed with that; yet more signs that things are heading in the right direction.

Now it’s a case of not getting cocky – a bad gym day awaits if that happens!

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