Feb 23 2012: Running Late

Despite being up at 4am, I somehow managed to miss my usual bus by a minute or so. I therefore took an alternative route into the office (so I could still be here around 7) which meant missing out on the riverside walk.

Not entirely happy about that – however these things happen and I’ve managed to get 2800 steps in along the way.

Breakfast: 1 slice dry toast with vegemite (pre-gym) 2 mutigrain weetbix and skim milk
Mid-morning: Banana, walnuts, almonds, seeds, blueberry yoghurt (turned down a chocolate cup cake too!)
Lunch: Salad bowl – Beef, Cheese, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato, Olives, Cucumber, Beetroot, Carrot
Mid-afternoon: Banana
Dinner: Salmon and vegetable pancakes, 1 weightwatchers cherry bakewell

Plain, filtered water: 3600ml
Long macchiato – no sugar
Glass orange juice
Glass milk

Gym (details below)
Short walk with Marble
Down stairs Level 8 to Ground x 3
Up stairs Level 1 to Level 8 x 2
Back yard cricket with Kian
Step count 12278

5 minute warm up on bike – 1.920km
Stretch legs, shoulders, back
1000m row (intervals 100/100) – 4m 51s
Stretch and recover
500m row – 2m 9s
Stretch and recover
500m – 2m 10s
Stretch and recover

Physical, Mood etc.:
Morning – Woke up at 4am feeling great and ready to go.
Lunch – In a really good, positive mood.
Night – Tired and ready for bed (11pm)

Rowing times at the gym were fantastic – it helped that my feet didn’t slip from the straps. Reason for this is I dug out an old battered pair of training shoes and they were better for the job as they have a more substantial heel.

At the end of the rowing I knew I’d given it all – with hindsight missing the riverside walk this morning may have been a good thing, giving the legs a chance to recover a little!

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