Finding Order Among Chaos

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I might be massively off-target with this, and yes it’s ironic that I am posting about this online… but as an old school geek, brought up during the very beginning of the home computer revolution, I am not much of a fan of the way the Internet has gone.

In particular, the approach people are being encouraged to take when conducting business online, and the endless stream of empty promises that appeal to individual greed and laziness.

The true power of the net, in this particular domain, should be that it allows ordinary people to post about their hobbies, interests, and passions… and conduct honest business with like-minded people who are drawn to what they do.

Instead we get endless posts about tactics, trending reels, trending audio tracks, AI “hacks”, encouragement to write “content” using ChatGPT and so on.

It is among all this noise and chaos that I believe there is still a chance to find order, to find a place for your own business, and to find a way of operating that authentically.

If enough people do that, we might yet save the net…

ps don’t even get me started on that web 3 nonsense!

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