following your heart


isn’t it great when you get one of those lightbulb moments, where a connection is made and you discover something that was sitting there all along, hidden in full view?

this may seem a little silly, but I just realised something about my running, the fundraising aspect, the philosophies I am drawn to, my desire to help, support and motivate people, and the business I’m creating around that…

the word “heart”

following your heart. doing things your heart says yes to. heart foundation fundraising. improved health & fitness leading to better heart health among other things…

and that’s why you don’t see glossy sales pages, why you don’t read slick marketing materials, why there’s no BS promises of getting your life on track in 21 days, or by applying a magical 12-step process, or any of the usual online marketing stuff.

because I’m doing, writing, saying and being what comes naturally from the heart. it’s not always pretty, but it’s authentic for sure.

and when I dig a little deeper, I come to realise that this is the direction I was heading all along. with previous business ideas, and even some of the ranting and raving I did on old blogs.

the idea of creating a low cost web service wasn’t an exercise in creating the next multi-million tech startup. it was about enabling ordinary people to put their products online easily and cheaply. it was about empowering “the little people”.

when I dabbled with a couple of network marketing companies, I put together plans that made it simple for people to sign up, follow a process and achieve success within the business without having to worry too much about details. why? in an effort to enable a whole army of ordinary people to start moving towards a better financial situation for themselves.

when I ranted and raved on personal blogs, it always came from a place inside that wanted a better world for everyone.

were these things flawed? yes. were they good ideas? at the time. maybe. were they the right thing for me to be doing? at the time, yes – and overall have taken me along the path to where I am now…

and that really is all anyone needs to do – act, speak, think and operate from the heart.

do the things that make you happy. be the person that will inspire others. act in ways that enable all this and more.

an amazing life based on your personal passions is available to anyone and everyone.

and so that remains my mission – to live my own life, doing the things that make my heart light up, pursuing dreams and goals that make life amazing, surrounding myself with people who share those ideals – and using my own experience, my own story to help others do the same – in my own way, unpolished, raw, but 100% authentic, and from my heart.

“The Bizzy Runner” was born out of a belief that ordinary people are capable of achieving extraordinary things, and that with the right information, education and support, they can build a business they love, and create more time and opportunity to have an amazing adventure-filled life. Fill in the form below to gain access to a free video series that will explain how this is all possible.

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