Fourtopia 30 Day Update

A month into the Fourtopia challenge, and I’ve settled into a simple routine that has been very effective for me. Each night, I review the day that has just gone, and identify one good thing from each of the four areas: health, wealth, self, and social. These are then submitted as my daily wins!

This small act of contemplation and gratitude has helped me do better every day.

Achievements So Far

One third in and this simple practise has had the following results:

  • Consistency in my social media and blog posts, helping TBR to grow.
  • A decision to bring the Keith and Kim story to life through animation.
  • After more than two years, I’m running again. It’s just a tiny start, but it feels like a big step.
  • Spending time with TBR has made me more comfortable and clear about where I’m heading.

The Road Ahead

This first part of the Fourtopia Challenge has been about building habits. Celebrating small successes every day is making a big difference. It’s about moving forward, bit by bit, in health, work, personal growth, and friendships.

As I enter the second block of 30 days, it’s definitely worth noting how small but consistent actions add up.

Here’s to making more progress, learning more, and running further!

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