giving up is so very hard to do

so you reckon you want to head down some path of personal discovery / development or other, eh?

well, here’s the thing – if you do this, you’re going to do one heck of a lot of giving up.

and ironically, you will only succeed if you DON’T give up.


well the first rule is never give up

keep going. step by step. inch by inch. you will get there.

if you truly want to change, if it is truly “your time”, you will get there. as long as you do not give up.

the rewards are worthwhile. when you get to the other side, you find that you do not reach a goal, you reach a new beginning. it is hard to explain, hard to describe, and frankly hard to not sound a bit mad when trying to describe it.

it’s as though you strive and strive and strive, then get all the rewards right at the very end, at the point where you no longer even care about rewards other than the experiences you have just been through.

you really must experience it for yourself – you will only do so if you never give up.

the second rule is that you will give up heaps

you will give up poor food choices

you will give up time (to go to the gym, go running etc.)

you will give up TV

you will give up smoking

you will give up drinking too much

you will give up excuses

you will give up looking for someone else to blame and/or sort things for you

you will give up letting fear defeat you

you will give up bullshit beliefs and petty thinking

you will give up worry over what other people will think

you will give yourself up to the whole experience


in return you will receive a new you. and you will realise that it was worth it.

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