hearts across australia: how you can be involved

this is it people, 2015 has arrived, it is very much “game on”

the planned start date for my trek across (and up a bit) Australia is May 16th 2015, at the time of writing that is 133 days away…

there are just two areas of focus from here on in; training and pulling together the support!

training plans

I recently completed my first ever ultra marathon – the infamous “6 inch” event, with 48km of trail running on the Munda Biddi trail…

later this month I will be taking part in a 50km road ultra; 4 laps of a 12.5km loop

two futher 50km ultra events have been identified for the end of Feb and March (beginning of April actually)

this “4 ultras in 4 months” plan will provide a basic framework, providing a focus for each month-long training segment. the events will be augmented with big walks, multiple day efforts, as well as plenty of cross-training.

the aim is to build an endurance engine, both mentally and physically. it’s going to be a lot of fun 🙂

support, sponsorship and fundraising

the event itself requires some infrastructure; support crew, mobile home/HQ and other supplies. I am super-excited by the fact that 2 sponsors have already got on board; Sanford & Smith providing the “Hearts Across Australia” website design, build and hosting, and Runwest taking care of my feet with their Hoka shoes, Lightfeet socks, and possibly some nutrition support with Tailwind too.

I also need to mention the fantastic support and contribution being made by the “Run Down Under” team, and “Oz Virtual Racing”, with both businesses providing excellent virtual race events that help raise awareness and generate some dollars.

to build on this promising starting point, we have made it easier than ever to support this massive adventure – a lot of focus at the moment is on generating sponsorship dollars, with that focus shifting more to “Heart Foundation” fundraising once the adventure begins…

so how can I be involved?

I am very pleased to announce 4 levels of sponsorship, allowing individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes to become official sponsors. Each level has a fixed cost, and a number of specific benefits that come with the sponsorship. Any sponsorship dollars that are not needed to fund the event itself will be automatically converted to charity donations…

HAA “funrunner” sponsorship

primarily for individuals, we have made up to 1000 spots available for just $50 AUD each. in return for your generosity and kind support, you will be listed on the “Hearts Across Australia” website as a supporter.

see the GoFundMe campaign if you are interested in this package

HAA “half marathon” sponsorship

we are expecting more of a mix of business and individuals at this level, and will be restricting the spots to just 50 at $1000 AUD each. In return for this you will:

  1. be listed as an official sponsor, along with a small logo and link to your website
  2. receive a “Hearts Across Australia” event medal (exclusive sponsor edition)
  3. receive a “Hearts Across Australia” running shirt (details of this to be confirmed)
  4. benefit from shout outs and mentions on social media and blog articles


see the GoFundMe campaign if you are interested in this package

HAA “marathon” sponsorship

at this level we are definitely expecting things to be more heavily weighted towards the business end of the spectrum, with just 100 places available for $5000 each, supporters at this level will receive the following value-packed benefits:

  1. be listed as an official sponsor, along with a logo on the main website home page
  2. have your logo on the official “Hearts Across Australia” running shirt – which will be worn by me and made available for supporters to buy
  3. receive 10 “Hearts Across Australia” event medals (exclusive sponsor edition)
  4. receive 10 “Hearts Across Australia” running shirts (full details of this to be confirmed)
  5. benefit from regular shout outs and mentions on social media and blog articles
  6. benefit from brand exposure via online and offline media coverage of the event
  7. fantastic goodwill for the brand by association with a high profile charitable event


see the GoFundMe campaign if you are interested in this package

HAA “ultra” sponsorship

in running, going beyond the marathon is not something for the faint-hearted. taking on the challenge of an “ultra” distance is limited to a relative few.

reflecting this, the “ultra” sponsorship package is not for everyone, and it is in fact limited to just one very special supporter.

for the sum of just $25,000 AUD, one business with vision, compassion and a keen sense of adventure, will become the one and only “ultra “sponsor.

in return for daring to go beyond the other levels, this package will provide everything mentioned above, along with one very special addition; naming rights.

“<your company name> Hearts Across Australia Run 2015”


  1. every time the website is accessed
  2. every time the event is mentioned
  3. every time the event is covered by online and offline media
  4. every scheduled talk along the way


your company name is front and centre…

will your company be the one that dares to go beyond?

please contact me for details if you are interested in this package

Virtual Run Options

another great and fun way to both support the event, and help raise awareness, is by participating in some very exciting virtual races.

Run Down Under

this virtual run around Australia is in its second year now, and is a fun and rewarding way to track the distances you run and walk during the year. we are aiming to make the “no more mr fat guy” club, the largest club on RDU!

Further Details can be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1512100945727605/

Oz Virtual Racing

There are currently 2 virtual race events in progress that have “Hearts Across Australia” as the “cause”. The first is an HAA-specific event, details of which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/915965715083015/

and with Australia Day coming up soon, the January event has a very awesome Aussie-themed medal-with-bottle-opener – check the details out here – https://www.facebook.com/events/1428795757361064/

and if you cannot decide which one you want to go for, there is a special package available where you get a discount for signing up to both!

and I know how much you love your bling 🙂

Charity Fundraising

Last but by no means least, you can become part of the fundraising team (or simply make a donation) on the “HAA 2015 Run for Heart” fundraiser page – https://runforheart.everydayhero.com/au/HAA2015

Thank you all for your support so far, I look forward to meeting so many of you later this year, both online and offline!

let’s get Australia moving! #HAA2105


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